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Hulk still can't run errands without going on a rampage

Apparently, the last time he ran errands, the Hulk forgot to pick up some chill pills. When his to-do list gets a bit too long, Hulk gets angry and smashes up everything in his path.

What a routine trip to the butcher is like when you're the Incredible Hulk. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET

Like the rest of us, the Hulk has a to-do list. Unlike the rest of us, his list is pretty Incredible.

In a short video from Fox's Animation Domination High-Def that posted on Monday, the Hulk sits down on his couch to enjoy a day off. Then, he makes the mistake of looking at his smartphone and seeing how many things he has to do. Knowing he can't just ignore them all, the Hulk gets angry -- very angry -- and smashes through the walls of his house to head to town.

Of course, this is the Hulk, and as we saw in the first in April, he destroys everything in his path along the way. That truck that didn't want to stop for pedestrians? Smashed! The tools and people working at the dentist's office? Crushed!

Watch the wave of destruction as Hulk heads to the butcher, the grocery store and more in the clip below.