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Your favorite old movies are just $5 on Amazon and iTunes

Apple and Amazon are having a fire sale on digital versions of a long list of beloved movies.

Die Hard $5 on Amazon and iTunes

Die Hard is one of several movies that are just $4.99 on Amazon and iTunes right now

Amazon/Screenshot by John Falcone

Amazon and Apple are having a blowout sale on digital movies right now.

Both Apple's iTunes Store and Amazon are selling dozens of titles for $4.99 each. That's effectively a buck more than the rental price for most titles.

It's unclear if one retailer is price-matching the other, but the net result seems to be across-the-board discounts on a long list of favorites, including: 

That just scratches the surface. While most of the titles skew on the older side, at least some of them (on Amazon, at least) -- such as "Fences," "Arrival," "Deepwater Horizon" and "Silence" -- are just a year old.

Slickdeals has compiled a much longer list of the Amazon titles. And browsing the "Movies Under $8" section in the iTunes app will yield a wealth of titles, too. 

Some other things to note for cinema bargain hunters:

  • The Amazon sale is open to Prime members only, and is said to last all weekend. (No word on the duration of the iTunes sale.)
  • Not all titles are available on both services at discounted prices, so make sure to check both. 
  • Pro tip: Check to see if the title is available as part of your subscription on Amazon Prime or Netflix before purchasing -- but note that those "free" versions don't stay on those services forever.

The sales come on the eve of Apple's WWDC developers conference, which will kick off in San Jose, California, next week. One of the many rumored announcements is that the addition of the Amazon Prime video app to Apple TV. Whether that means that these sort of price wars become a more common occurrence, however, is anyone's guess.