Huawei officially unveils the Valiant budget Android

The midrange Huawei Valiant lands on MetroPCS.

Huawei Valiant
The Huawei Valiant won't blow you away but is affordable. Metro PCS

If you're looking to score a true Android smartphone on the cheap, and with no contract, the new $79 Huawei Valiant for MetroPCS just may be the ticket.

Judging from specs alone, the Valiant doesn't pack much of a component punch. While the phone's screen measures a sizable 4 inches across, it's powered by a relatively slow 1GHz dual-core processor. It also has just 2GB of internal storage, though features an SD card slot for upgrades.

The Valiant's 3-megapixel camera likely won't impress, and Huawei fails to mention how much RAM the handset has at its disposal. Still, the phone does offer Android 4.1 Jelly Bean software, which can tackle all the basic Google skills and services.

Weighing 4.93 ounces, Huawei also describes the Valiant as "sleek," though I'd rather say it looks compact, at least until I see it up close. One thing's for sure: the Valiant is a far cry from Huawei's jaw-droppingly thin Ascend P6 flagship phone. The P6 flaunts both a sexy aluminum design, and top-notch parts and software.

Check out the Huawei Valiant for yourself to decide if it's enough smartphone for you or will leave you wanting for more mobile power.

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