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Huawei M735: Stylish, but with a stylus (review)

CNET reviews the good, bad, and bizarre of the Huawei M735 cell phone for MetroPCS.

Huawei and MetroPCS might have been tooting their horns when calling the Huawei M735 a "stylish" phone, but we're inclined to agree. The predominantly white body is a nice break from the blah sameness of the slick, basic black phones we so often see.

However, there is one feature we weren't too excited about--the stylus. That means one more item to stow, track, and potentially lose. It also indicates a resistive touch screen, which, unlike a capacitive screen, requires more effort to press. In this case it also means smaller icons and virtual keyboards.

The resistive screen and stylus won't be a deal breaker for everyone, but the combo was an odd choice given the market's current preference for capacitive screens. The M735 has similar other pros and cons that serious MetroPCS customers should be aware of when shopping for a new phone. With that in mind, be sure to check out our full review and video.