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Huawei executive granted $10M bail by Canadian court

The Chinese telecom giant's CFO awaits a hearing on extradition to the US.


Supporters of Meng Wanzhou demonstrate outside the British Columbia Superior Courts.

Jason Redmond/Getty Images

A top executive for Huawei has been granted bail by a Canadian court while she awaits a hearing on her possible extradition to the US.

Meng Wanzhou, the Chinese telecommunications giant's chief financial officer and the daughter of its founder, was granted $10 million bail on Tuesday, the third day of a bail hearing that's strained diplomatic relations between the US and China.

Meng, 46, was arrested Dec. 1 as she was changing planes at the Vancouver International Airport at the request of US authorities, who accused her of deceiving financial institutions, putting them in a position to violate sanctions against Iran.

The charges of selling equipment to Iran are serious. In May, the US Commerce Department leveled a ban against fellow Chinese telecom equipment provider ZTE for failing to follow through on a settlement made with the US for selling equipment to Iran and North Korea.

The arrest threatens to blow up an already precarious relationship between the US and China over trade talks. In response to Meng being detained, several Chinese companies and business groups have reportedly called for employees to support Huawei by boycotting US products. Some organizations have even threatened to punish staff members caught with Apple devices, according to CNN.

Huawei representatives didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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