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Huawei Ascend P6 out today, for £330 SIM-free

Huawei's latest smart phone will set you back more than £300, but is it good value?

Huawei's latest smart phone, the Ascend P6, is on sale in the UK today.

The 4.7-inch smart phone has a 720p resolution, and finds room for a quad-core processor, clocked at a hearty 1.5GHz, despite its incredibly slender 6.2mm frame.

The phone, which we've already reviewed, is now available for Brits to buy. The P6 costs a quid shy of £300 on pay as you go from O2, and can be nabbed with no upfront cost for £27 per month on contract.

Carphone Warehouse, meanwhile, offers the P6 SIM-free for £330 -- or a slighter £21 per month on contract. Looking at Carphone Warehouse's tariffs page, O2's offer looks like a more typical price -- the £21 per month option is a Vodafone tariff that nets you a mere 100MB of data per month.

Ultimately it seems the P6 isn't as much of a bargain as some of Huawei's other mobiles, like 2012's famous Ascend G300. We noticed some unpleasant overheating issues in our review, as well as some very peculiar port placement.

Around the back of the P6 there's an 8-megapixel camera that my colleague Andrew Hoyle described as "adequate" in his exhaustive review, though he noted this snapper didn't perform particularly well in low-light conditions.

Better news is the 5-megapixel front-facing camera, which should produce crisper video calls and sneakily snapped selfies than competing mobiles.

Huawei wants to trouble current Android king Samsung, hoping to displace the South Korean tech giant with cheaper tech. The P6 isn't a particularly shining example of this ethos, but it'll be interesting to see what Huawei has planned over the next few years.

Are you interested in the P6? Or would you rather buy a phone from a more established brand like Samsung, HTC or Apple? Let me know in the comments or on our Facebook wall.