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Huawei Android: Bride of iPhone

Chinese electronics manufacturer Huawei is joining the Android onslaught with a phone that looks eerily like a certain popular smartphone in market already.

Apple to Huawei: "Seriously dudes, is that our phone?"
(Credit: Huawei)

Being the coolest kid in town is tough. While Apple's iPhone 3G enjoys the fawning adoration of fanboys the world over, it must be lonely at the top. What the iPhone needs is a friend, a phone that not only looks out for it, but perhaps one that looks quite a lot like it. The Bride of iPhone.

Chinese manufacturer Huawei has announced it will take on the big names in smartphones, releasing a touchscreen device that will run on the Google Android operating system. So far that's all we know, we don't have a name or any idea of the hardware we can expect inside. All we can say for sure is that it looks embarrassingly like an iPhone and will be released commercially in the third quarter of the year.

Huawei is a large telecommunications equipment maker that has been manufacturing handsets for wireless operators, which then resell the devices under their own brands. In Australia, the company is best known for providing most of the mobile carriers with 3G broadband modems for resale, but by the end of the year we could be strutting about with a Huawei handset in our pockets.