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HTC will unveil latest flagship phone on May 23

The company teased the phone's launch date on Twitter.


The squeezable HTC U11 earned four stars from CNET last year.


HTC teased the unveiling of its latest flagship phone on Twitter on Thursday. The date? May 23.

"Coming Soon. A phone that is more than the sum of its specs," said HTC in a tweet, with an image showing a number of components spread out on a gray background.

Update, May 4: If those components look strangely familiar, this might be why.

The phone is expected to be the U12, or U12+, the successor to last year's U11, which was notable for its squeezable sides, waterproofing and its good looks. Early leaks suggest the phone will offer an updated squeeze mechanism, called "Edge Sense 2.0" and a dual-lens main camera with 12- and 16-megapixel sensors. It could also feature face unlock.

HTC used to be one of the giants of the Android phone world, but in recent years has lost ground to competitors including Huawei, ZTE and OnePlus. The Taiwanese company has serious competition on its hands from LG and OnePlus, which are also launching flagship phones this month, as well as Huawei, which launched the P20 in April and Samsung, which launched the S9 back at Mobile World Congress in February.