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HTC Vive teases new VR products for CES 2019

Will we see a new VR headset? VR peripherals? We'll find out soon.


HTC tweeted this picture of its new gear.


HTC will be one of the many tech companies attending CES 2019 next week (Jan. 8-11), and it'll be bringing some new VR gear.

On Thursday, HTC posted a teaser of some new Vive products on Twitter. The tweet includes a picture of several cases filled with "new gear" that HTC is planning to unveil during CES.

But, of course, the cases are sealed off so we don't actually know what's inside them. Our only clues are the logos on the cases. One reads "Vive" while another seems to show "Vive Port" with something partially obscured underneath. Interestingly, a third case has a logo that is cut off and intentionally blurred out, which seems to say "Vive Gloves" or "Vive Cloud."

Since the company is teasing cases filled with "new gear," it'll likely announce new hardware for its Vive VR line. But what will that be? We'll have to wait until CES to find out.

HTC didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

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