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HTC to reveal another 4G first on January 6

HTC publishes a teaser site for another 4G first set to be revealed on January 6.

Oh, HTC, how you tease. The Taiwanese handset manufacturer posted a teaser site early this morning, dropping some clues as to what it might reveal at CES 2011.

On the site, HTC shows off three devices: the HTC Evo 4G, which was the first 4G handset in the U.S., the T-Mobile G2, T-Mobile's first 4G smartphone, and a third cloaked device that promises to be another 4G first and is set to debut on January 6.

Coincidentally, Verizon is scheduled to hold a press conference on the same day and has already confirmed that it will be demoing LTE devices. I think it's pretty safe to say that these two events are related.

HTC Droid Incredible HD anyone?