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HTC to launch follow-up to Droid DNA, says marketing chief

A second-generation version of the popular Droid DNA phone, aka Butterfly, is in the works, according to HTC's chief marketing officer.

HTC is eyeing a follow-up to the Droid DNA.
HTC is eyeing a follow-up to the Droid DNA. Sarah Tew/CNET

A successor to HTC's Droid DNA phone is in the works, says HTC Chief Marketing Officer Ben Ho.

Speaking with reporters on Monday, Ho said that HTC would soon launch a second-generation Butterfly to take advantage of consumer appetite for large-screen smartphones, the Focus Taiwan news site reported.

The current 5-inch model is known as the Droid DNA in the U.S., but flies by the name of Butterfly in Taiwan and elsewhere.

Whatever its name, the current phone has seen robust demand and healthy sales, especially in Japan and Taiwan. Butterfly topped the iPhone 5 as the best seller for Japanese carrier KDDI during the week of Dec. 10 through 16, according to Focus Taiwan.

Carriers also ran into trouble trying to keep up with demand.

Taiwan carrier Chunghwa Telecom said in January that its stock was far behind the 40,000 handsets that customers had ordered. Fellow carriers Taiwan Mobile and Far EasTone Telecommunications also reported difficulty filling orders.

However, Ho said that production shortages have been resolved. The HTC executive revealed no details about the successor to Butterfly, but confirmed that the new phone would retain the same name.

CNET contacted HTC for comment. The story will be updated when more information is received.

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