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HTC teases 'new' HTC One in BoomSound video

HTC plays coy with the upcoming smartphone in what appears to be the first of a series of videos.

HTC is not ready to let you see the all-new HTC One just yet. HTC

HTC is definitely not going to play the role of "quietly" brilliant for its next flagship smartphone.

A new "Technical Translations" video posted on HTC's YouTube account this week highlights the HTC One's BoomSound capability. Based on the "#1" designation in the title, we might assume the company has videos planned for BlinkFeed, Zoe, and other HTC features.

The first video has a pair of so-called interpreters who help break down what it is that makes BoomSound sound so good.

Seeing as the HTC One is roughly a year old, most smartphone enthusiasts are already aware of the front-facing stereo speaker technology. Perhaps that's why the nerdier guy in the video whips out the "all-new HTC One" -- or as we like to call it, the HTC One 2-- around halfway through the clip.

If you thought a two-minute video was going to spill any actual beans you're mistaken. Not only is the phone pixelated and hidden from viewers, but all of the details that go into the next-gen BoomSound experience are also, well, hidden.

With roughly one month to go before HTC unveils the 2014 edition of the HTC One, we should look for more videos to soon surface.