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HTC STRTrk: Windows Mobile goes boldly

The HTC STRTrk is about to be released in the UK, but will it pass as a Federation mobile or will Scotty use it as a doorstop?

The HTC STRTrk, confusingly also known as the Qtek 8500, has been hovering around the Internet like a lost starship for months now and everyone has tried to guess when it's going to land in the UK. This Razr-like clamshell phone has been creating quite a buzz due to its tech-friendly STRTrk name and thin form factor, but its specs leave us wondering whether it deserves such a stellar title.

It runs on Windows Mobile 5 and features quad band and EDGE support, Bluetooth, a 1.3-megapixel camera and 64MB ROM and 64MB RAM. They're not exactly borg-blowing specs, but it is thin for a Windows-based mobile, measuring 16mm deep and weighing 99g.

James T. Kirk might have used this phone back when Star Trek was made in the 60s and people's idea of mobile technology was the Walkie-Talkie-esque communicator, but times have changed. Where's the WLAN support, where's the GPS receiver and where's the button that will transport me home in a flash?

We don't have a STRTrk in yet, so we can't make any final judgement, but from what we can see we're going to hang on to our Orange SPV M600s for the time being. However, if you're interested in buying one, HTC confirmed today that they're going to be available in June for around £350 and you can choose black or pink versions. -AL