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HTC smartwatch could eschew Android Wear in favor of homegrown OS

HTC's first wearable device could play nicely with both Android and iOS smartphones, says a new report.

HTC's first wearable could be unlike any other smartwatch. HTC

HTC will opt for a homegrown platform known as "RTOS" instead of Google's Android Wear for its first smartwatch says well-connected tipster @upleaks.

Reportedly, the so-called HTC "Petra" will should pair with with Android 4.4 + or iOS 7.0 + and have a 1.8-inch 32x160 POLED display in three sizes. Weighing only 23 grams, the wearable could have more in common with the Samsung Gear Fit than the Moto 360 .

HTC's watch should also feature music and camera controls, an alarm, a timer, and a stopwatch. And like most of today's wearable tech, it may also track sleep and activity and provide for phone notifications. Rounding things out, it's said to be water- and dust-resistant and pack a 3-day battery. Color options are listed as teal/lime, black/blue, and gray.

That the HTC watch could play nice with both Android and iOS should not come as much of a surprise. Its Re camera , which launched last fall also pairs with both platforms.

It's not clear as to when HTC might unveil its first wearable device; however, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain looms on the horizon. We may look for the accessory to be a part of HTC's press conference scheduled for March 1.

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