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HTC shuttering, ditching data on April 30

HTC is preparing its cloud service,, for a major overhaul and is advising users to download their personal data before it is wiped on April 30.

With HTC's it's out with the old and in with the new, and by old we mean any personal data you have saved on the service.

(Credit: Screenshot CBSi)

A missive to members posted on the company's portal site is warning that data including contacts, messages, Footprints and call history will be deleted from the service on April 30, making it inaccessible unless downloaded from the site before then.

This spring cleaning will take place to make way for an overhaul of the current cloud service, though there has been no indication from HTC as to what the service will look like after this maintenance is complete. HTC has invested heavily in a range of digital content streaming service recently, so it could be that will soon be a new hub for music, movies and video games.

If you have personal data on HTC's cloud storage, the process of retrieving it is pretty straight forward. Once logged into your account through your desktop PC browser, choose the Download button in the Account Overview section. If you're then looking for a new backup solution for your HTC phone, check out our Saving your Smartphone feature.