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HTC Sensation ready to pre-order at Carphone Warehouse

Vodafone's exclusivity period for the gorgeous HTC Sensation is nearly at an end, as the phone is ready to pre-order from Carphone Warehouse with delivery expected 20 June.

HTC's top of the line Android smart phone, the aptly named Sensation, is now available to pre-order online at the Carphone Warehouse, with an expected availability date of Monday 20 June.

Vodafone's exclusive will soon be over. Assuming no delays, it looks as if O2's tipster may have been right all along. Though we're expecting the Sensation to land on all the UK networks very soon, the current deals listed with the Carphone Warehouse only include Orange and O2.

That doesn't mean T-Mobile and Three won't jump on board next week. As CW is a reseller, however, other deals may well be available directly from the networks in due course.

The HTC Sensation can be picked up on Orange for free on 24-month contracts starting at £36 per month. O2 offers the same for £41 per month. You can still go to Vodafone and pick it up for £36 per month as well.

There's an awful lot to like about the high-end Sensation. The massive 4.3-inch display is still virtually unrivalled (except by the Desire S) while all that Android-y goodness zips along thanks to the mighty 1.2GHz dual-core processor inside.

HTC Sense tastefully adorns the basic Android software, adding useful apps without bloating the system. With so much power under the hood, expect developers to flock to creating more customised apps for the handset when HTCDev officially launches.

The 8-megapixel and VGA cameras and reasonable battery life round out the handset nicely. It's no wonder that many of you seem to like it too -- it has an average user rating of four and a half stars.

There's every possibility that those with hacker inclinations will be able to root the device thanks to HTC's new policy. Either way, it's a stunning phone easily able to hold its head up against other heavyweights, and very soon you'll have a free choice of network as well.