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HTC Runnymede shown off in video

The HTC Runnymede has made a mysterious appearance on YouTube, courtesy of some lucky person who's got his hands on one early.

HTC's recent investment into Dr Dre's Beats Audio seems to be yielding some pretty cool results. The HTC Sensation XE made a good impression in our hands-on, with great bass and a zippy processor, and now here comes the HTC Runnymede, making a strange silent appearance in a YouTube video (now removed, sadly).

There's no sound, and with its spooky white styling, it does look a bit like a ghost being waved around. It says Vodafone UK on the screen, so seems it'll either be SIM-free or locked to that network, and comes with the standard multiple home screens and HTC Sense over Android.

Which version of Android isn't known, though Pocketnow says it'll be 2.3.4 Gingerbread. It's not a tiny hand holding it either -- that's a 4.7-inch screen, with 480x800-pixel resolution. Inside is thought to be 768MB of RAM, a monster 1.5GHz processor, and 16GB of storage. Quite simply, it's a beast.

And imaging? There's rumoured to be an 8-megapixel camera on the back, and 1.3- on the front.

Runnymede (where King John signed the Magna Carta, history fans) may well be a working title, as HTC has a habit of changing the names of these handsets before they launch. It could touch down as the HTC Bass, which would make sense, given the Beats Audio tech inside, indicated by the logo on the back.

The video was uploaded by a user going by the name of 'MrJoethorpe666'. His other videos include the HTC Flyer with Honeycomb ROM, and one called Ruby -- nothing to do with the HTC's phone of the same name, just a dog called Ruby.

What do you think of the Runnymede? Would you buy a phone with a 4.7-inch screen? Or name your dog after an HTC handset? Let us know on our Facebook page.