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HTC revamps key management staff to spur growth

Taiwan mobile phone maker announces series of new jobs and promotions in management staff as part of ongoing effort to drive future growth.

Taiwan mobile phone maker HTC on Thursday announced several key management changes, including new hires and promotions, as part of its mission to boost business.

Joining the company as the new chief strategy officer is Ron Louks, whose focus will be on strategy and technology development as he works closely with HTC's engineering and operation groups. Also new to the company is Kouji Kodera as chief product officer, responsible for HTC's global product portfolio planning and management. Both men were snapped up from Sony Ericsson where Louks was the chief technology officer and Kodera the head of products.

Receiving a promotion to chief engineering officer is David Chen, formerly the vice president of product development. Chen's new role entails continuing his focus on product development and engineering. One of the company's first employees back in 1997, Chen helped drive to market some of the industry's first and most innovative smartphones, according to HTC.

Chen and Kodera will both work with Horace Luke, HTC's chief innovation officer, and John Wang, the chief marketing officer, to beef up the company's lineup of products around the world.

Jason Mackenzie, previously vice president of HTC North America, has the new job of president of HTC North America and Latin America. And responsible for the other side of the world, Florian Seiche, former vice president of HTC Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), has been promoted to president of HTC EMEA.

HTC also announced one exit: Jason Juang, a senior executive vice president, has left the company to pursue other opportunities.

"As the smartphone industry expands at this lightning pace, it is essential for HTC to grow its management capabilities from within while also adding outside expertise," HTC CEO Peter Chou said in a statement. "Today's announcement is not just a signal of our current growth and progress, but of our vision for bringing unique smartphones to people all over the world."