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HTC reportedly launching quad-core tablet in February

The company hasn't had much luck in the tablet market, and will attempt to get noticed by bumping up the horsepower. The new device will reportedly make its debut at Mobile World Congress.

HTC's Flyer tablet didn't really make a dent in the tablet market. . HTC

HTC is hoping a little horsepower will spark some interest in its tablet offering.

The Taiwanese mobile device manufacturer is expected to unveil a quad-core-powered tablet in February at Mobile World Congress, Digitimes reports, citing a Chinese-language Commercial Times report.

HTC declined to comment.

In the same boat as just about everybody else in the mobile industry, HTC hasn't been able to crack the tablet market, with Apple and its iPad being the only real success story. Much like the Xoom, PlayBook, and other tablets, HTC's two offerings so far have failed to draw in consumers. The company initially launched the HTC Flyer, known as the Evo View 4G at Sprint Nextel, and later the Jetstream for AT&T, both of which struggled in the market.

The 7-inch Flyer (View) used HTC's unique Sense user interface and a digital Scribe pen. It was also helped by a distribution agreement with Sprint and Best Buy. Still, the product hasn't sold well.

The Jetstream was AT&T's first 4G LTE tablet, but was priced at $699.99 with a two-year contract (it now retails online for $649.99 with a rebate). The pricing was too much of a premium for consumers who favored the iPad's breadth of app over the Jetstream's faster cellular connection.

The report also said one of HTC's new Android phones would also feature a quad-core processor.