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HTC Puccini tablet photos imply UK may have to wait

New photos of HTC's upcoming Android Honeycomb tablet indicate it will use new 4G LTE tech -- bad news for us mobile luddites in the UK.

It's no secret HTC is working on a new Android tablet to follow up the cheery if slightly lacklustre Flyer. Codenamed the Puccini, Engadget has been sent the clearest photos yet of the new Android Honeycomb-powered slate.

The photos include a shot of the rear of the device, which confirms the long-held suspicion the Puccini will contain a 4G LTE modem, and in fact be one of the first devices to run on AT&T's powerful LTE network. This suggests that the Puccini, at least in its current form, will not be released in the UK.

LTE is one of various technologies that come under the 4G banner, and provides superfast data speeds. It has been trialled across the UK, and although results have been encouraging, the networks are limited by the spectrum they have available to them, something which may soon change.

This doesn't mean we won't be getting the Puccini at all though. It's common for manufacturers to produce more than one version of a device for different markets. The HTC Desire HD has multiple American cousins, for example, and a 4G version of the Flyer was released on Sprint in the US as the EVO View 4G.

The only real question, then, is how long it will take for the non-LTE version of the Puccini to be released, and when you consider the device leaked to Engadget hasn't even been announced yet, it's anybody's guess. If HTC's event next week really is all about Windows Phone devices, it could be a while before anyone gets their hands on the Puccini, with or without LTE.

The new photos also show for the first time the device switched on, and make it clear the Puccini will be running a version of Android Honeycomb. This comes as no surprise, though the soft buttons at the bottom of the screen are a dead giveaway that HTC has fiddled with the software a little.

Are you prepared to wait for the Puccini? Does it look like a promising device? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: Engadget