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HTC posts MWC 2012 teaser on Facebook

Five days before MWC, an ambiguous picture posted on HTC's Facebook teases about "something fast."

If you have news that you want to be vague about, Facebook is the perfect platform.

Everything from passive-aggressive statuses about your significant other, to pictures of your hair on the floor with the caption, "New look...?" can get thousands of "likes" for no reason. Ambiguous postings like these do get people's attention, but it's borderline laz--oh man, did you see what HTC just posted on its account?

Why so cryptic, HTC? HTC

The phone manufacturer posted the above picture with the caption, "This Sunday you'll discover something fast."

This Sunday, this Sunday...why, that's in five days and it's the same day Mobile World Congress starts in Barcelona, Spain. Either that's what that "five" means in the picture, or HTC is about to reveal a five-keyboard phone. We have a strong hunch it's the former.

As for MWC, you can bet we'll be there with tons of coverage, and we'll be keeping an eye out for what HTC has to offer.

We already have talk that HTC's first quad-core phone, the One X (aka: the HTC Edge, aka: the HTC Endeavor), might make an appearance. The HTC S, previously reported as the HTC Ville, and a few other phones might be announced as well, so stay tuned.