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HTC One X screen flex flaw: "We would never let that ship"

Does the glitch in the HTC One X screen afflict your device? Let us know.

A design flaw that afflicts the two curved edges of the HTC One X's screen, which we flagged up in our review of the handset, may only be a problem with demo devices -- and may not affect the final retail build of the units being sold to mobile users, according to the company.

While testing the HTC One X, I found that pushing on the edges of the curved screen causes the display to flex and patches of discoloured pixels track your finger movements (see video above). It is also sometimes possible to accidentally activate something on screen by mistake, simply by gripping the phone's edges tightly.

I've personally experienced this screen flex issue on four different HTC One X handsets -- three of which were provided by HTC and one by mobile network Three.

I demoed the screen flex to Daniel Hundt, creative director at One & Co, HTC's design consultancy, and he said: "I was not aware of that -- maybe this is not a shipping build.

"We would never let that ship," he added.

None of the One X handsets I've seen came in HTC's final retail packaging and a spokeswoman for HTC said that while she previously had thought these device samples were the final hardware build, she would seek confirmation.

At the time of writing, the company has not yet provided clarification of whether the screen flex affects only demo devices or is a problem with the final build of the HTC One X.

The HTC One X launched on UK mobile networks last week.

Have you bought the HTC One X? Are you able to replicate this screen flaw on the device? Let us know in the comments or post a note on our Facebook page.