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HTC One tablet looks like comically large One in leaked pic

Good heavens, that's a big One. A giganto-slate purporting to be a prototype HTC One tablet has appeared online.

Good heavens, that's a big One. This giganto-slate is apparently a prototype HTC One tablet, snapped by a user of Chinese Twitter-alike Weibo and spotted by Ubergizmo.

Since the One's enormous success, HTC has been rushing differently sized versions out the door, starting with the superb HTC One Mini, and heavily tipped to continue with the 5.9-inch HTC One Max phablet.

All share the One's curved ends, classy metallic finish and dual front-facing speakers. The One tablet appears, looking at its proportions, to be bigger than 7-inch slates such as the Nexus 7, so is probably an iPad-battling 10-incher.

HTC's last attempt at a large-screen device was the 7-inch Flyer, a total flop of a product that didn't use the tablet-optimised version of Android, so apps looked horrendous. Android has thankfully moved on a very great deal since then, with a unified operating system for all screen sizes.

The One and One Mini scored highly in our reviews, winning fulsome praise for their beautiful and sturdy metal shells, excellent screens and classy software. Our only minor qualms were an iPhone-like lack of customisability -- you can't swap out their batteries or expand their storage, and the BlinkFeed social streaming app can't be removed in its settings.

I'd be very interested to see what HTC could do with a tablet, although I do have some reservations about making it quite so much like their existing phones. Hopefully the real thing, if it ever appears, will be a little more subtle.

Would you shell out for a tablet from the Taiwanese tech titan? Or is the Nexus 7 too hot right now? Expand your thoughts in the comments, or on our perfectly to scale Facebook page.