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HTC One S owners report chipped casing gripes

Reports have surfaced suggesting that the black HTC One S suffers from the case chipping.

Reports are surfacing online that the HTC One S could be suffering from an issue that causes the black casing to become chipped, leaving unattractive silver marks all over the device.

The problem, spied over at MoDaCo, concerns the black version of the One S, the ceramic finish of which is crafted using a process called micro arc oxidisation. MoDaCo founder Paul O'Brien reports that his One S has started to chip away, despite not having been dropped.

A thread on XDA-Developers has sprouted up with more One S owners reporting similar problems. All complaints seem to be with the black model rather than the grey option, which is built with a different finish.

Owners are claiming they haven't dropped or bashed the One S, which would suggest that the chips are a flaw with the finish itself. I've contacted HTC regarding the issue and will update this story when I hear back from them.

One forum poster writes, "I have just looked closely at my own device and the same thing is happening on the sharp edge on the left-hand side". Another says, "I've had mine a few days and not dropped it or anything, it seems to have started on mine though. If it gets any worse over the next couple of days I'll have to take it back."

Several forum posters have uploaded snaps of their affected phones, showing the undesirable speckled silver spots. One such, from forum user mardon85, I've pictured above.

HTC claims the ceramic finish on the black One S is "five times more durable than stainless steel", and reckons it means you'll be able to use the phone without a case. I've embedded HTC's own video explaining the process below.

We recently had the One S in for review, and during our time with it we did notice a small mark near the charging port, similar to those mentioned in the forum post.

Does your HTC One S suffer from the same issue? If so, let us know in the comments below, or upload a photo to our Facebook wall.

Image credit: mardon85 on XDA-Developers

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