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HTC One Mini pictured next to HTC One in leaked photos

New leaked photos show the rumoured HTC One Mini side-by-side with the full-sized HTC One.

The hotly rumoured mini version of the HTC One must be the worst-kept secret of all time. New leaked photos show the heavily-tipped HTC One Mini side-by-side with the full-sized HTC One.

Showing off the two phones in a leaked photo, Engadget claims the One Mini is the same device as the M4, another name doing the rounds of the rumour mill.

The sawn-off HTC One Mini -- if that's what it is indeed called -- takes on the Samsung Galaxy S4's smaller spin-off, the S4 Mini. With the iPhone also tipped to get a smaller, cheaper spin-off, it seems budget versions of big phones are all the rage.

As for when the mini One will arrive, Bloomberg is the latest source to claim the One Mini will go on sale in August.

The mini version of the One boasts a 4.3-inch screen, slightly smaller than the full-sized flagship's 4.7-inch job. It's encased in a similar aluminium unibody with the same narrow bezel and stylish speaker grille beneath the touch-sensitive strip bearing the home and back keys.

Like the One, the smaller phone includes HTC Sense on top of the latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean software. Inside is expected to be a dual-core processor with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, with a 4-megapixel UltraPixel camera on the back.

Check out our video to see what the fuss is about with the One. Can a smaller, cheaper version repeat the One's success as one smart Android smart phone? We'll find out in August.

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