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HTC One Max shows off mystery switch in new leaked pic

A new picture of what appears to be a super-sized HTC One has surfaced -- check it out here.

The rumoured super-sized version of the HTC One has surfaced online once more, in a new leaked pic that teases a suspicious hardware switch.

The so-called One Max, which recently appeared in some leaked photos, has popped up in another picture courtesy of Chinese-language site ePrice, posing with a phone that looks to be the Motorola XT882, a phone with a 4-inch display.

That would put the new picture of the One Max into a frightening perspective, and definitely pushes this massive mythical mobile into near-tablet territory.

The picture also portrays a mechanical switch on the mobile's left side. The HTC One has its lock button on the top of the phone and volume keys on the right, with only a SIM-card slot on the left, so it's anyone's guess what this switch could do.

GSMArena posits that it could flip off the phone's battery cover, but I reckon it could be an orientation lock switch to lock the display in portrait or landscape mode, of the kind you'll find on the side of the iPad.

Tempting teaser

Earlier today HTC released a short teaser video entitled 'Big Things Ahead', which certainly hints at the existence of a much larger mobile. The ad gives little away, but is that the back of silver-screen Iron Man-star Robert Downey Jr we can see?

Despite the HTC One enjoying a warm reception, the Taiwanese tech firm reckons it's losing money for the first time in its history. Chalk that one up to furious competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Would you buy a bigger version of the HTC One? And what do you think that switch could be for? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.