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HTC One M8 launch: join us from 2am AEDT Wednesday (live blog)

Keen to see what HTC's new flagship actually looks like? We'll be live blogging the event from the wee small hours of Wed morning.

Despite the apparent failure to gain traction against rivals Samsung and Apple, the HTC One certainly impressed.

Can the new HTC phone build on the HTC One? (Credit: CNET)

A stunning design and a revamped UI made the HTC One the darling of the critics, if not the crowds, and suggested that HTC was about to get its head back into the smartphone game.

Now we're on the cusp of HTC revealing its next flagship phone, with the device codenamed the HTC One M8 set to be launched in New York at 2am AEDT tomorrow morning.

As always, CNET will be there and you can follow our Live Blog of the event below or by clicking here. So, prepare some coffee and get comfortable while we see what HTC has to offer.