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HTC One M8 confirmed by Three leak

The sequel to the HTC One will be called the HTC One M8, according to a corker of a leak from Three.

Looks like it's official: the sequel to the HTC One will be called the HTC One M8 after all. UK network Three has let slip the name of the new phone on its coming soon page.

"The most awarded smartphone of 2013, the HTC One, just got better," reads Three's holding page for the new phone, apparently revealed in error today. "HTC will announce their all new HTC One (M8) on the 25th March 2014. Save the date and come back to us to find out when you can get your hands on one."

Three also tweeted the matey name, but has hastily deleted it. 

The M8 name has been spinning around the rumour mill for a while, but with no previous phones having similar names we suspected that M8 was simply a codename. However it now appears that will be the official moniker -- perhaps because HTC has realised that HTC One 2 -- or the New HTC One -- would be a bit daft.

We'll be there for the M8's launch on 25 March -- keep it CNET for the first photos, videos and hands-on first impressions.

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