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HTC One launch video is cringeworthy

HTC joins up with comedy website Funny or Die in the US to try and make us all laugh. It fails.

Here's the US launch video for HTC's flagship handset, the HTC One. The struggling Taiwanese company has employed the people behind Funny or Die to make a parody of US dating show The Bachelorette. That's right, it's a corporation doing comedy.

Dawson's Creek's James Van Der Beek is also on board to dole out some yuks. But I think it misses the mark.

The ad follows the format of the dating show, but with bachelorette Kerry looking for a new blower instead of a beau. The One is up against a flip phone, an old-style rotary phone, and one with a crappy pair of speakers. Unsurprisingly, the One comes up trumps, winning Kerry's heart. And her ear.

The ad doesn't really have any killer lines, and it's about two minutes too long, in my opinion. But tech companies can do funny, as Google's April Fools' clip for Gmail Blue proved. 

Other companies have employed similar tactics recently. Facebook went for the chuckles with its ad for Home, in which a man boards a flight to see his pals pop up all over the shop letting him know what they're up to. But then a second advert was more traditional, showing how having Facebook replace your home screen can bring people together and improve your life.

HTC recorded its lowest profits ever just recently which makes me wonder if its resources wouldn't be better used elsewhere, rather than in producing chucklesome videos with ex-stars of Dawson's Creek.

What do you think of the ad? And is the One the one for you? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.