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HTC One 2 on the cards as M8 set for spring 2014

The rumoured M8 is set to be the One 2, looking to land a one-two punch that gets HTC back in the fight in Q1 2014.

The HTC M8, successor to the HTC One, is set for launch early next year. Could the One 2 land a one-two punch that would see HTC off the ropes and back to fighting fitness?

The HTC One went on sale in March last year, and trusty Twitter tipster @evleaks reckons the M8 will land at the end of Q1 2014 -- the start of spring next year. The rumoured M8 looks pretty likely to be a One follow-up: the timing adds up, and the One was codenamed the M7 before launch. It all fits!

Leaks suggest the new phone is destined for all four major US phone networks, so the same is doubtless true here.

HTC declined to comment. 

The question remains as to what it's going to be called: the HTC One 2? The One for the Money? The One Two, OneTwoThreeFour? I'm sure HTC will have thought ahead and worked it out before they came up with the One name in the first place.

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The One has also seen a series of spin-offs including the larger HTC One Max and smaller HTC One Mini. But despite winning awards for design the One hasn't managed to reverse HTC's declining fortunes, as the company lost money for the first time this year.

What would you like to see in the sequel to the HTC One, or is it already a perfect smart phone? Tell us your thoughts in the comments on on our Facebook page.