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HTC Mini+ and Fetch are bonkers new Bluetooth gadgets

A carkey-like phone finder and a tiny phone you use to make calls and control your TV are among HTC's new phone accessories.

If you've ever lost your phone down the back of the sofa, or ever wanted a slightly smaller phone to use with your phone (bear with me here), HTC can help you out. The Taiwanese company has just shown off a couple of new accessories for its smashing Android phones, like the classy HTC One, ahead of the IFA show next week.

The HTC Fetch, pictured above, is like a carkey for your phone -- pair it up with your expensive blower, and then when you misplace it you just grab your keyring, squeeze the Fetch and the phone rings, helping you locate it. HTC reckons it has a working range of 15 metres, so it's not much use if you just left it on the bus.

You can fetch yourself a Fetch from online retailer Clove for £30, which seems extremely steep, but there's no official price tag yet, so that may come down. There's no word on a UK release date either. HTC says its battery should last for 6 months on a single charge.

Slightly less useful (and I realise that's a pretty low bar to limbo under) is the HTC Mini+, a tiny phone you use as a phone in case you don't like using your phone as a phone. It's the size of a remote control, and it lets you control your TV, as well as make calls via Bluetooth, like a headset. It has a 1.5-inch black and white screen and boasts 9 hours of talk time. Brilliantly, it's a laser pointer too.

There's no official price yet, and I couldn't find the Mini+ listed for sale anywhere, but rumours recently suggested it would cost £65. I think I can safely say this is aimed at people with more money than sense.

What do you think? Could you see yourself shelling out for these? If so, can I borrow £20? Stick up for them in the comments, or on our ruthlessly functional Facebook page.