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HTC M7 could be called just HTC One, rumour says

The much-rumoured handset could have a new name when it launches, Internet tipsters say.

The HTC M7 has been leaked more times than I care to remember, with company CEO Peter Chou even whipping it out at a recent company shindig. With all these leaks, we surely must have already heard everything there is to know about it, right? Maybe not.

Because now comes word it might not be called the M7 at all. Rather, it could be known as the HTC One when it goes on sale, according to the Twitter account @evleaks.

This is just a rumour, so it's far from definite. But @evleaks does have a good track record of breaking news before it's official. And Peter Chou did shout "HTC One!" straight after "M7!" at the company do. Maybe he was referring to last year's range of mobiles, or maybe he was giving us a hint of the M7's new name. The sly old fox.

HTC used the One moniker for the range of smart phones it launched last year, the flagship being the One X. Calling it the HTC One instead of M7 would capitalise on the awareness the company has already whipped up through those handsets. Though if HTC wants a clean break, maybe it would make sense to use a completely different name. But then I think M7 sounds a bit too techy, and is likely to turn off your average punter.

The M7 leaked last year. Big things are expected, with the device widely tipped to be HTC's flagship. The company has promised it'll "kick off a new sound and camera experience" according to an infographic the company punted out this week. Which sounds like tweaked camera tech to me, rather than simply adding more megapixels.

HTC is set to unveil the handset on 19 February, just before Mobile World Congress, so we've not long to wait to find out for sure. Which do you think is the better name, M7 or HTC One? Let me know in the comments below, or over on our Facebook page.