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HTC launches eye-tracking Vive Pro Eye in US for $1,599

A powerful VR headset doesn't come cheap.


HTC's Vive Pro Eye brings eye-tracking to VR headsets. 


HTC's latest VR headset is now available, for those willing to pay a hefty price. 

Designed for businesses and not consumers, the $1,599 Vive Pro Eye builds on last year's consumer-focused Vive Pro, adding precision eye tracking, heatmapping and gaze tracking to the already powerful Vive Pro. 

First announced at CES, the PC-connected virtual reality goggles already appear to have made fans in BMW and Major League Baseball, with the automaker using it to let consumers virtually into its BMW M series and MLB using it to let fans play a new home run derby game without the need for a traditional controller. 

As with HTC's more consumer-oriented $799 Vive Pro HMD, controllers are not included with the Vive Pro Eye. The two headsets share many of the same specs including similar resolutions of 1440x1600 per eye, 3.5-inch displays, a 90Hz refresh rate and 110-degree field of view and the same minimum PC requirements. 

The Pro Eye, of course, adds the eye-tracking, OLED displays instead of AMOLED and some headphone ergonomic improvements to justify its loftier price tag. 

The new headset is available now on and from "select retailers."

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