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HTC Hero Android 2.1 Eclair update in final baking stages

The Android 2.1 update for the HTC Hero is coming in two parts, and HTC still insists that we'll all have it by the end of June, so get ready

HTC Hero owners have been waiting patiently, then less patiently, then with some significant irritation for an update to bump their beloved phones from Android 1.5 to the latest version currently on shelves, Android 2.1

HTC has been saying that the update will happen this month, and -- well, it's still saying that. The end of June is the deadline to get this baby off the ground, insisted HTC in an announcement today.

The update will come in two parts -- a preparatory update, analogous to shaving the Hero and covering it with iodine, and a second update that will replace the Hero's cupcake organ with an eclair.

Both treats will be detected when the Hero next automatically checks for updates, so you don't need to do anything special to get them.

HTC warned that the second update will wipe all the data from your phone, so you should backup anything that's not synced to the cloud. Your Gmail and other Google data should be safe, and you can re-download your apps for free from the Android Market. But we'd suggest grabbing the free 30-day trial of MyBackup Pro to save all your text messages, settings, and apps in one fell swoop -- you can download it using a QR code straight from our story on the best Android apps.

The second update is a big 'un, so HTC suggested that you get onto a Wi-Fi network before you set it to downloading. 

Several inhabitants of Crave towers are waiting for the Hero update with bated breath, so for their sakes, let us know in the comments when you get yours. Last one in's a rotten cupcake!