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HTC head unleashes M7, with lots of screaming

The head honcho at HTC whipped out the forthcoming handset at a recent company event, chanting its name. Check out the video.

Now this is how you big up a phone. While the HTC M7 isn't official yet, that didn't stop company head Peter Chou flaunting it at HTC's end of year party in Taipei. (Update: Thanks to everyone who pointed out it was a Chinese New Year party.)

Engadget reports the HTC head honcho took to the stage to thank the M7 team for working around the clock to finalise the device this week. He then whipped it out, had a bit of a play, and started chanting "M7! M7! M7!" With the crowd joining in. The video is below, and trust me, it's a doozy.

M7! M7! M7!

"This event today is a great opportunity for testing [the camera]. I was still testing it just now," Chou is reported to have said in NextTV's clip -- head to around the 50 second mark if you want to skip some pop sensation prancing about. Chou then took out a silver and a black version of the M7, and started snapping away.

Of course we've already had a closer look at the M7 thanks to a few other leaks. HTC Chairwoman Cher Wang added she was looking forward to launching the phone later this month, which could well be that event HTC is holding on 19 February. Crafty, stealing its rivals' thunder ahead of Mobile World Congress. I like it.

The M7 is said to have a 4.7-inch screen wrapped up in a polycarbonate shell. It terms of looks, it's not a million miles away from the HTC 8X, and will keep the three capacitive touch buttons below the screen. It'll run HTC's brand new Sense 5.0 UI too, on top of Android Jelly Bean 4.2.

Are you looking forward to the M7? Or has HTC lost its way? Let me know if you reckon it can take on the big boys in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.