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HTC Desire HD spotted on Amazon UK

Some firm evidence has appeared that a new device from HTC's stable of Android smart phones will soon be available in the UK -- the HTC Desire HD

The next version of the HTC Desire, the Desire HD, has been spotted and then pulled from Amazon's UK Web site.

In something of a faux pas -- which may deserve an Amazon employee a little corporate spanking -- a listing with the name 'HTC 99HLZ001-00 ACE/ Desire HD' was put up on the Web site, and spotted by an Electricpig reader.

A price was even given for an unlocked version -- £415. That's £85 less than an iPhone 4 from the Apple store.

An Amazon listing really does suggest the release of the HTD Desire HD is imminent, although the 'ACE' part of the listing is new. An HTC press event is scheduled for 15 September, so it would really be more of a surprise if it doesn't launch the device next month.

Pictures of the device and specifications have been leaked all over the place already. It's said to have 4GB of internal storage, which you would think would be expandable, and a unibody aluminium design.

It could also come with a now almost standard 1GHz Snapdragon processor, an 8-megapixel camera and 720p video recording -- hence the HD name. As far as a screen goes, there's no word on whether it will be an AMOLED or Super LED.

A new version of the HTC Desire will definitely whip up a frenzy of excitement and encourage a good deal of er, desire, due to the original's status as one of the best Android smart phones on the market -- and one of the best smart phones around full stop.

The HTC Desire HD won't result in quite the level of devotion (or queues) as the iPhone 4, but if it makes the same level of impact as the original Desire, it will do very, very well.

Image credit: Electricpig