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HTC Desire HD: Pics and video of rumoured Desire sequel leaked

Pictures and video of an upgrade to the HTC Desire have leaked on the Web, while HTC continues its assault on the smart phone market with new Android phones

Pictures and a video of a rumoured successor to the HTC Desire have been leaked on the Web. Under the name HTC Desire HD and running Android 2.2, the handset is pictured on a Hong Kong forum with a large screen but no front-facing camera.

It also goes by the name HTC Ace and is reported to have 4GB of internal storage and a unibody aluminium design. Like the HTC Evo 4G available in the US, it could carry a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, an 8-megapixel camera and 720p video recording.

To properly display HD-ready content, the new HTC Desire would technically need higher resolution than the current 480x800-pixel screen. There's no word yet whether the next edition will feature the better-quality AMOLED or Super LED screen.

The release of the new HTC Desire in the UK is probably a fair way off considering the current popularity of the original Desire and the fact we haven't even got the HTC Evo 4G yet. But with BlackBerry, Nokia and Microsoft bringing out a slew of new devices in the second half of the year, HTC may want to hurry out new models to maintain the foothold it has worked so hard for in the current market.

The Taiwan-based company made a breakthrough in 2009 as a viable smart-phone player after moving away from Windows Mobile software with an well received range of Android phones such as the HTC Hero, Legend and Wildfire. Essentially the Google Nexus One with added HTC goodies, the HTC Desire was one of the first phones to take advantage of Google's operating system in the mass market.

It's also worth watching this space to see what happens with Windows Phone Series 7, which it has already confirmed it will be part of at launch.

Image credit: Uwants Forum