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HTC Desire HD news round-up: Everything you need to know

It's a few days now since HTC announced the all-new HTC Desire HD, the biggest, brightest smart phone ever to grace our sweaty palms. Here we round up all the news you need.

Here in the office we've been struck down with a serious case of Desire fever. In fact, we're as excited about the upcoming HTC Desire HD as it's possible to be without cracking a smile (we don't crack our sang froid for nobody). We've been shovelling news on HTC's latest, greatest Android smart phone down your gullets like grumpy goose farmers for a few days now, so we figured a round-up was due.

For starters, you'll want to check out our in-depth preview, cooked up and served hot after we'd had a chance to play with the Desire HD for ourselves. We were particularly impressed with the huge 4.3-inch display, the DLNA support (for outputting your phone's display to your telly) and the 8-megapixel camera squatting on the HD's rear.

For news of how the launch of this phone had Nokia in a tizzy, check out our first news story. For even more data, including the all-important price (both contract and SIM-free) on T-Mobile, aim your peepers at this news story with laser-guided intensity.

Once your head is sufficiently stuffed with facts, you'll want to ease the infopain with a dose of eye candy. Lucky, then, that we've compiled this photo gallery, which pulls together all the press shots and hands-on photos we have of the Desire HD.

If static images don't float your boat, don't throw your rattle out of the pram just yet, we also have hands-on video with the Desire. We talk you through some of the neater features this phone has to offer, and show you how you can use the Desire HD to shrink people's heads to tiny sizes.

But if you're wondering where the Desire fits in the pantheon of smart phones, we've pitted it against the iPhone 4 and the Nokia N8 in our head-to-head-to-head extravaganza. Which is the last phone standing? Click that oddly blue bit of text in the previous sentence and find out for yourself, you lazy blighter.

We're going to be keeping right on top of every Desire HD related development in the coming weeks. In the meantime why not take a gander at Desire HD's Qwerty-rockin' cousin, the HTC Desire Z?