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HTC Desire C surfaces: Low-end but with ICS

Vodafone Portugal has leaked a new low-end Android from HTC with surprising ICS chops.

GSM Arena

CTIA 2012 may be just a memory but that hasn't stopped the smartphone news. Apparently an entry-level handset called the HTC Desire C popped up in a Vodafone Portugal catalog.

Reported by both Engadget and GSM Arena, the Desire C won't be an ultra-advanced device like the company's current One line of handsets. In fact, the Desire C is powered by decidedly pedestrian specs including a 600MHz CPU (single-core no doubt), and uses a small 3.5-inch (480 x 320-pixel) low-resolution screen.

You do reportedly get 4GB of internal memory but compared with the 16GB and even 32GB many modern smartphones come with, it's a paltry offering. The Desire C's 5 Megapixel camera likely won't impress either and chances of the phone using HTC's sophisticated ImageSense image-processing system, also found in HTC One series devices, is slim.

The one bright spot is that the Desire C will boast Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. I wonder how well a slower phone like this will run ICS. If it can handle the new OS decently well, then there's your proof ICS isn't all that hardware dependent after all and is, in fact, a sneakily used marketing tool to lure shoppers to fresh handsets.