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HTC Desire Android 2.2 update due from T-Mobile "this month"

T-Mobile will be the next major UK network to roll-out Android 2.2 Froyo to HTC Desires, and it'll hope it doesn't suffer as many problems as its competitors.

HTC Desire owners on T-Mobile will have been champing at the bit for an upgrade to Android 2.2, and the network has finally said it should be coming out within the next couple of weeks.

In responses to Twitter queries about a potential update, T-Mobile UK Support said we should be getting the Froyo update in September.

Android 2.2 is a significant update to version 2.1, with support for Flash 10.1 as well as a number of new features. These include dedicated shortcuts for the phone dialler, applications menu and Web browser on the home screen, extra support for Microsoft Exchange, and the use of the LED flash when using video.

But from what we've seen from Android 2.2 updates pushed through by other UK networks, it would pay for T-Mobile HTC Desire owners to be a bit wary. HTC first released the Froyo update for unlocked phones back at the beginning of August, with the networks then testing it before putting it out. But so far roll-outs have been full of problems.

Vodafone was the first to suffer the fury of angry HTC Desire owners after it put out an update which many downloaded thinking was Froyo, but found was actually a bunch of Vodafone apps they didn't want. Vodafone took the bloatware off the phones, and promised owners they would get a choice next time.

O2's roll out of Android 2.2 for the Desire started earlier this month, but it was promptly suspended after owners reported they were having problems installing it, with some complaining it even 'bricked' their phones. Orange owners were expecting Android 2.2 last month, but delays forced the company to tweet that it would come in mid-September.

Hopefully the networks will have learned from these problems -- Android isn't going away, and Google isn't going to stop updating it. With new phones from HTC announced today (stay tuned!) and likely to be just as popular, the networks need to buck up their games to keep you happy.