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HTC demos Evo 3D in Westfield, telcos set pricing

HTC is setting up shop in Westfield stores to demonstrate the 3D display on its latest Android-powered handset.

HTC's Evo 3D smartphone is about to drop down under, and HTC is bringing it to the masses, setting up 3D demos in Westfield shopping centres in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

(Credit: HTC)

Aussie telcos Telstra and Vodafone announced pricing for the Evo 3D today, with Telstra stating that the handset will be in store from 20 September, with pricing starting from AU$23 per month on an AU$59 Freedom Connect plan, and Vodafone setting the bar a little lower with an AU$5 per month handset repayment on an AU$65 Infinite Plan.

Anyone interested in taking a peek at the new 3D smartphone can pop into a Westfield in a capital city nearest to them. HTC will be setting up this week in Sydney's CBD centre and Westfield Doncaster (12 September to 18 September), Bondi Junction the following week and Westfield Chermside in QLD between 23 September and 28 September.

The HTC Evo 3D is the second 3D smartphone to launch in Australia after the LG Optimus 3D. It uses parallax barrier lens technology to create a glasses-less 3D effect, similar to Nintendo's 3DS portable gaming console.