HTC debuts full ad with popular 'Iron Man' star

The quirky spot playfully pushes that "HTC" stands for whatever you like.

Can RDJ make HTC a Happy Telephone Company? HTC

HTC has officially rolled out its splashy new ad campaign with Robert Downey Jr. at the helm.

The full 2-minute commercial for HTC's new "Here's to Change" campaign is now online and it features zero talk of smartphones or Android. The trailer-length pitch is, instead, playful and has the "Iron Man" star tossing out various suggestions as to what the letters "HTC" might represent.

The new spot is the first piece of HTC's three-part approach to re-establishing its brand among consumers. Rather than touting a laundry list of features and smartphone details, HTC apparently wants to have a bit of fun and inspire folks with some lighthearted brainstorming. Along those lines, readers are encouraged to check out the HTC Generator to see what sorts of strange three-word concoctions they can create.

As for talking up the hardware specs or exclusive software features, that will wait until the second phase of HTC's marketing tactics kicks off.

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