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HTC changing its tune

HTC changing its tune

HTC, the name behind some of your favorite smart phones, is shifting some of its focus to further push the musical talents of its mobile devices. Though the company's current crop of Windows Mobile-based smart phones already have a media player, HTC president and CEO Peter Chou said the company plans to add more flash memory and hardware to make the phones even more music-friendly. But I'm curious: How many of you out there listen to music on your phone? I think MP3 phones are great if you're in a pinch, but at this point, I'd rather stick to my stand-alone MP3 player. But who knows, maybe HTC will bring something to the table to change my mind.

Chou added that the company will do away with infrared, since it's no longer a necessity, and raised the possibility of expanding its business to Symbian-based phones. "We're not limited. We're not Microsoft; we can do anything," Chou said. Oh, snap.

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