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HTC buys stake in streaming video company SyncTV

The mobile phone maker has launched a partnership with Intertrust Technologies, buying 20 percent of its SyncTV subsidiary.

HTC has added streaming video to its recent lineup of investments.

In an effort to expand its mobile offerings for consumers, the handset maker has bought a 20 percent chunk of SyncTV, a unit owned by Intertrust. SyncTV is a cloud-based service that can stream video over the Internet to a variety of platforms, such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xbox, and Internet-enabled TVs.

As part of the deal, HTC has also licensed several of Intertrust's patents, mostly in the area of digital rights management. SyncTV uses an open-source DRM called Marlin that lets manufacturers include the service in their devices. HTC joins Samsung, Motorola, and a number of other phone makers in licensing Intertrust's patents.

"HTC's growth in the smartphone market is admirable, their innovative devices have come to define a category and have been broadly emulated by others," said Intertrust CEO Talal Shamoon said in a statement. "We are honored that HTC has licensed Intertrust technology and we look forward to working together in areas of mutual interest."

Beyond the effusive accolades from Intertrust, details are sparse. So there's no indication as to how or when HTC will use SyncTV and the related patents. But HTC has been on a buying spree of various online and entertainment services.

Last year, the mobile phone maker picked up headphone manufacturer Beats Electronics. That Beats division reportedly just bought subscription music service Mog. HTC also recently acquired cloud-gaming service OnLive and video-on-demand service Saffron Digital.