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HTC all but confirms dual camera for HTC One 2

The slow trickle of details about the "all new" HTC One teases continues as the handset maker takes to social media with a coy image that teases two camera lenses.

HTC takes to social media to tease its latest smartphone, the "all new" HTC One. HTC

In case you haven't been paying close attention, HTC is really excited about its upcoming flagship refresh, the "all new" HTC One, that's set to debut later this month.

The company is so excited, in fact, that it has taken to various social media channels to promote the smartphone. Uploaded just today, HTC told its Twitter and Facebook followers that life will become "twice as beautiful on March 25."

What's more, an image accompanying the update shows six photos, each with a "two" theme. While the use of the number could be to interpreted as the "second HTC One," it's more likely meant to tease the rumored dual-camera feature.

Indeed, leaked images and details from the past few months suggest the handset will feature two camera sensors on the rear. What they'll actually do, however, remains unclear at this point. Perhaps one will capture video while the other takes photos?

Another possibility we might consider is Corephotonics, a company that recently demonstrated a dual-sensor camera technology at Qualcomm's booth at Mobile World Congress. Its setup allows users to capture photos at different focal lengths and aperture settings, merging them into one image.

As you can imagine, this leads to higher dynamic range, better focusing, and improved low-light performance. The kicker? Corephotonics promises that it can deliver a "true" 3X optical zoom in their camera technology.

The camera is just the latest in a series of leaks from HTC about the handset. Last week, it teased the device's Boomsound feature and on Sunday, HTC talked about its unibody design.

Stick around, kids, as HTC likely will tease a host of other features in the run-up to its March 25 press event. CNET will be there to bring you full coverage.