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HTC 8X priced at £530 on Amazon

Last week it cost £400 -- now it seems the HTC 8X costs £530, according to Amazon.

Last week it was priced at £400 -- now it seems the HTC 8X costs £530. HTC's first Windows Phone 8 device arrives later in the year, and we've seen wildly differing prices for it.

The new price comes courtesy of Amazon, which is offering the phone for £530, with free delivery, at the time of writing. The bad news is that's substantially more than the first price revealed last week, when online retailer Expansys said the 4.3-inch HTC 8X would cost £400 and the 4-inch HTC 8S would cost £225.

Amazon has yet to list the 8S. 

Will the final price be closer to £400 or £530? It'll be a while before we find out, as the pair of 8s are powered by Windows Phone 8, the next generation of Microsoft software for mobile phones, and that doesn't go public until November.

HTC is just one of the manufacturers making Windows Phone 8 phones: there'll also be new entries to the Nokia Lumia range when the new software arrives. 

The 8X and 8S are dual-core smart phones. The 8X has a 720p screen, 1.2GHz chip and 9-megapixel camera, and is up against the Nokia Lumia 920. The 8S has a 1GHz chip and 5-megapixel camera and faces off against the Nokia Lumia 820. So there's respectable specs behind the colourful paint jobs, but I can't help thinking they're a bit too similar to the Lumia range -- only without the nifty Nokia apps like Nokia Drive.

How much would you pay for the HTC 8X? Is £400 or £530 a fair price? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.