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HQ Trivia will give away its biggest cash prize ever -- depending on the NBA Finals

Yet another reason to hope for a Game 7.

HQ Trivia

The Rock gave away a record $300,000 on HQ Trivia. But that's peanuts compared to what's coming to the popular game show app next.

To celebrate the NBA Finals -- which kick off tomorrow -- HQ Trivia will give away $100,000 for Game 1, $200,000 for Game 2, $300,000 for Game 3, a record-breaking $400,000 for Game 4, and you guessed it, $500,000 for Game 5, $600,000 for Game 6, and $700,000 for Game 7. 

Assuming the series stretches to seven games, that is. 

The games will include questions about the teams' home cities and basketball trivia, according to HQ.

Though HQ Trivia hosts two games each day, you'll only have a stab at the big new prizes during the evening slot. Tune in at 6 p.m. PT / 9 p.m. ET each NBA Finals day if you want a chance to win one.