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HQ Trivia returns after February shutdown

The app-based quiz came back Sunday evening after being rescued by an unnamed investor, The Wall Street Journal reported.

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HQ Trivia

It's back.

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Live mobile trivia game HQ Trivia made a surprise return Sunday, after shutting down and laying off its employees in February. An investor provided the funding it needed for a comeback, according to The Wall Street Journal, and a push alert let people know they could play again at 9 p.m. ET.

The game's cofounder, Rus Yusupov, confirmed in a Twitter thread shortly after the shutdown that HQ Trivia would "live on" and the game's Twitter account offered a rumble of activity in the form of an ellipsis last week.

More than 100,000 people logged in as Sunday's game kicked off, the Journal noted, and HQ Trivia said it'd donate $100,000 to World Central Kitchen, which is offering food relief across the US in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. 

"HQ has always been a community-driven experience and we're proud to come back at a time when we can be a resource for our players, especially as we navigate these uncertain times together and raise awareness for the causes we're supporting," Yusupov said in an emailed statement late Monday. "The loyalty and outpouring of support from our fans these past couple of weeks has been a driving factor in our return and it further energizes us to make a positive difference."