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HP's three cameras and a printer dock

HP announced three new cameras and a photo printer dock at PMA 2007.

HP PhotoSmart R837
HP PhotoSmart R837

HP just announced several new products at PMA 2007, including three new digital cameras and a new photo printer dock.

The HP PhotoSmart M837 is a compact 7-megapixel, 3X zoom camera with a surprising amount of style. Its slim body and sliding lens cover are more than a little similar to Sony's stylish but much more expensive PowerShot T-series of cameras. The M837 sports a big 3-inch LCD screen that HP claims has a 170-degree viewing angle. The camera also has several image editing features, including a new red-eye reduction mode. The HP PhotoSmart M837 ships in April, with a suggested retail price of $230.

The HP PhotoSmart M437 and M537 are twin budget cameras. The M437 uses a 5-megapixel sensor and a 2-inch LCD screen, while the slightly more robust M537 has a 6-megapixel sensor and a 2.5-inch LCD screen. Their features may seem lackluster, but their price tags certainly look good; the HP PhotoSmart M437 and M537 will retail for $110 and $130 when they ship in April.

HP also announced the PhotoSmart A440 Camera and Printer Dock, a snapshot photo printer. The A440 can print 4X6-inch borderless prints directly from any HP PhotoSmart M-series digital camera, including the newly announced models. The A440 ships in April, and will be available as a standalone product, or bundled with the M437 or M537 digital cameras. The printer bundle's suggested retail price will range from $180 to $200.