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HP's pink plaid Netbook, for the hipster near you?

Could plaid be our gateway into accepting pink laptops? HP's new color scheme to its Mini 210 challenges us to say yes.

Is this a pink you could live with? HP

We've never met a pink product we felt truly excited about, and we're not sure that will change today. Submitted for your approval: one of two new color schemes on the HP Mini 210.

While HP's newly announced lineup of laptops didn't have any new internal improvements to the Mini 210 line of Atom N450 Netbooks, there are two stark new colors--white crystal and preppy pink--added to what was a previously staid palette. It's been a trend lately to try to turn small devices like Netbooks into collectible design items, and HP's been at it before with the Studio Tord Boontje edition of the Mini 110.

The pink plaid design, like the Boontje white-on-white edition, is made using HP Imprint 3D, which produces a layered three-dimensional effect on the exterior. The plaid seems to float, stripe over stripe.

Otherwise, the specs are the same as the HP Mini 210 series we've already reviewed quite positively. Both colors will be available starting June 15, for $349. We shall see if the pink gambit ends up working for women, hipsters, preppies, or anyone else.